NMTC STARS II Contractor Team Arrangement Map

NMTC Target Companies for our CTA are 8a STARS II Awardees

The 8(a) STARS II GWAC has exercised the five-year option period for the contract (August 31, 2016 to August 30, 2021). NMTC is inviting our voting STARS II members to enter into a pre-negotiated MOU that establishes a Contractor Team Arrangement for large-scale Public/Private program requirements.

Contractor Name Company Website
21 Computech Inc (21CTI) www.21computech.com
3Links Technologies, Inc. www.3linkstechnologies.com
A+ Government Solutions, Inc. www.aplusgov.com
A3 Technology, Inc. www.a3technologyinc.com
Adjuvant Consulting, Inc. www.aci-8a.com
Advanced Integrated Software Technology www.istechsolutions.com
Advanced Quality Alliance, LLC www.aqa-llc.com
AGi Mission Support Services, Inc. www.agimssinc.com
AIMSTAR Information Solutions, Inc. www.aimstar.com
Akira Technologies, Inc. www.akira-tech.com
ALEX-AMERICAN SYSTEMS www.alexamerican.com 
Alexius International, LLC www.alexius.net
Aligned Development Strategies, Inc. (ADSI) www.goADSI.com
Allied Technologies & Consulting, LLC www.atc-fred.com
Amaram Technology Corp. www.amaram.com
Amatea, LLC www.amatea.com
American Cabling Company www.americancabling.com
Apextech LLC www.apextechllc.com
APlus Technololgies, Inc. www.aplustechnologies.com
Apprio, Inc. www.apprio.com
AQIWO, Inc www.aqiwo.com
Aries Information Technology Services, LLC www.glotech.net
Ascella Technologies, Inc. www.ascellatech.com
Asclepius Solutions Inc www.asclepius.net
Astor & Sanders Corporation www.astor-sanders.com
Async-Nu Microsystems, Inc. www.async-nu.com
A-Tech Systems, Inc. www.atechsys.net
AttivaSoft, LLC www.attivasoft.com
Aurora www.aurorait.com
Aurotech, Inc. www.aurotechcorp.com/contracts
Avum, Inc. www.avum.com
B&D Consulting, Inc. www.b-dconsulting.com
Bara Infoware, Inc. www.barainfo.com
Barling Bay, LLC www.barlingbay.com
Battle Resource Management, Inc. www.BRMi.com
BayFirst Solutions, LLC www.bayfirst.com
BCMC, LLC (Business Computers Management Consulting Group, Inc) www.bcmcgroup.com
Bering Straits Information Technology, LLC www.bsit.beringstraits.com
Blue Beacon Consulting, Inc. www.blue-beacon.com
Blue Collar Objects, LLC www.bluecollarobjects.com
BSTARS Alliance, LLC www.bstarsalliance.com
Business & Scientific Information Systems, Inc. www.bsisinc.net 
Business Enterprises & Systems Technology, Inc. www.bestech-inc.com
Business Smart Ops, LLC www.BizSmartOps.com
Cascades Technologies, Inc. www.CascadesTech.com
Cask Technologies www.caskllc.com
Castillo Technologies, LLC dba Cloud Computing Technologies www.castillotechnologies.com
Chakrabarti Management Consultancy Inc www.c-mci.com
Chameleon Integrated Services www.chameleonis.com
Cherokee Services Group (CSG) www.cherokeeservicesgroup.com
CKA, LLC www.ckaonline.com 
ClearAvenue, LLC www.clearavenue.com
Client/Server Software Solutions Inc. dbas CSSS.NET and Constellation West www.csss.net
CMW and Associates, Corporation www.cmwassoc.com
Cogent Infotech Corp. www.cogentinfo.com
Cogent Solutions, Inc. www.cogent-2000.com
CollabraLink Technologies, Inc. www.collabralink.com
Command Decisions Systems & Solutions, Inc. www.cds2.com
CompTech Computer Technologies www.comptech-corp.com
Compu-Cure New Orleans, Inc. www.compucureno.com
Computer Cite www.ccite.net
Computer Integration & Programming Solutions Corp www.cips.com
Computers Universal, Inc www.computers-universal.com
Concentric Methods, LLC www.concentric-methods.com
Concept Solutions, LLC www.concept-solutions.com
Constellation, Inc. www.ConstellationInc.com
Consummate Computer Consultants Systems, LLC www.c3-systems.com
Core Technologies, Inc. www.coretechinc.com
CoreSphere, LLC www.coresphere.com
CoSolutions EIS JV www.cosolutions.com
Credence Management Solutions, LLC www.credence-llc.com
Croop-LaFrance, Inc. www.croop-lafrance.com 
Customer Value Partners www.cvpcorp.com
Cyber Media Technologies, Inc. dba CTEC www.ctec-corp.com
Dakota Consulting, Incorporated www.Dakota-Consulting.com
DAn Solutions, Inc. www.dansolutions.com
Data and Analytic Solutions, Inc. www.dasconsultants.com
Data Federal Corporation www.datafederal.com
Data Management Group of Virginia, (aka DMG Federal) www.dmgfederal.com/contract_vehicles/GSASTARSII
Datawiz Corporation www.datawiz.net
Datum Software, Inc. www.datumsoftware.com
Decypher Technologies, LTD www.decypher.com
Deque Systems, Inc. www.deque.com
DeVine Consulting, Inc. www.devineco.com
Diamond Information Systems, LLC www.DiamondIS.com
Digitellink Corporation www.digitellink.com
Diligent eSecurity International www.desintl.com
DKW Communications, Inc. www.dkwcommunications.com
Donnelly & Moore, Inc. www.donmor.com
Doyen Technologies, LLC www.doyentechnologies.com
DRT Strategies, Inc. www.drtstrategies.com
DSA Information Systems (DSAIS), LLC www.dsais.com
DSG Systems, Inc. www.dsgsys.com
Dyaran & Sandila Inc. dba 3Soft USA www.3softusa.com
E3 Enterprises, Inc. www.e-3enterprises.com
ECCO Select Corporation www.ECCOSelect.com
Elucid Solutions, Inc. www.elucidsolutions.com
e-Management www.e-mcinc.com
EMESEC Incorporated www.emesec.net
Encentric, Inc. www.encentric.net
EnSoftek, Inc. www.ensoftek.com
Enterprise People, Inc. www.enterprise-people.com
Enterprise Solutions Realized, Inc. www.esr-inc.com
Enterprise Solutions, Inc. www.enterprisesolutions.net
Enterprise Technology Management, LLC www.etmllc.com
EnterpriseTech, LLC www.enttech.biz
EQuality Corporation www.e-qacorp.com
ERIMAX, Inc. www.erimaxinc.com
eScience & Technology Solutions, Inc. www.estsi.com
eSTARS Enterprise, LLC www.esenterprise.com
Estrela Tech, LLC www.estrelatech.com
Evanhoe & Associates, Inc. www.evanhoe.com
Evergreen Information Technology Services, Inc. www.evergreenits.com
eVigilant.com, Inc. www.evigilant.com
Exalt Integrated Technologies, LLC www.exaltit.com
Exceed Resources, Inc. www.exceed-resources.com
Excidion, Inc. www.excidion.com
Federal Resources Corporation www.fedresources.com
Federal Technology Solutions, Inc. www.federalsales.com
FEDITC, LLC www.feditc.com/GSA8aStarsII
Flatirons Two Inc. www.gofi2.com
Fourth Technologies, Inc. www.fortek.com 
Genesis Business Systems www.gb-sys.com
Ginia www.giniagroup.com
Gladiator Information Security Systems, LLC www.gladiator-security.com
Global Commerce and Services, LLC www.globalcommserv.com
Global Network Systems, Inc. www.gns-us.com
Global Technology Solutions, Inc. www.global-techsolutions.com
Goldbelt Hawk, LLC www.gbhawk.com
Graham Technologies, LLC www.graham-tech.net
Greystones Consulting Group, LLC www.gresytonesgroup.com
Harrington Technology Associates dba HTA Technology Security Consulting www.hta-inc.com
Heartland Technology Group, LLC www.heartlandtechnologygroup.com
High Plains Computing, Inc. dba HPC www.hpc-solutions.net
Horizon Industries, Limited www.hil.us
I.S. Technologies, LLC dba Computer System Designers, LLC www.csdok.com
ICS Nett, Inc. www.ics-nett.com
Index Group, Inc. www.indexgroup-inc.com
Indigo IT www.indigoit.com
Infinity Technology www.itllc.com
Information Gateways, Inc. www.infogateways.com
Innotion Enterprises, Inc. www.innotion.com
Inovate Solutions www.inovatesolutions.com/contract-vehicles
InquisIT LLC www.inquisitllc.com
Inserso Corporation www.inserso.com
Intecorp/SSSI JV www.emerge-it.com
Integral Consulting Services, Inc. www.e2zintegral.com
Integrated Systems, Inc. www.global-isi.com
InterImage, Inc. www.iimage.com
International Business Express, Inc. (IBEX) www.ibexusa.com
International Business Sales & Services (IBSS) Corp www.ibsscorp.com
International Computing Systems, Inc. www.icsconsulting.com
Intuitive Information Systems Technologies, LLC dba Chainbridge Technologies www.chainbridgetech.com
IP Network Solutions, Inc. www.ipnsinc.com
IPSecure, Inc. www.ipsecureinc.com
IT-Strat/AEEC www.it-strat.com
iWorks Corporation www.iworkscorp.com
JJJ Microsystems, Inc. www.jjjmicrosystems.com
JTSI, Inc. www.jtsii.net
KeyBridge Technologies, Inc. www.KeyBridgeTI.com
KLC Network Services, Inc. www.klcnetworks.com
KloudData Corporation www.jaypar.com
Knowledge Management, Inc. www.knowledgemanagement.net
Komplete Systems Integrators, Inc. www.kompsys.com
Koniag Services, Inc (KSI) www.ksikoniag.com
LanTech www.lantechinc.net
Link Solutions, Inc. www.linksol-inc.com
Linkage Consulting Group, Inc. www.linkvisum.com
Lintech Global Inc. www.lintechglobal.com/8astars2
Logistics Systems Incorporated www.logistics-sys.com
LS3 Incorporated www.ls3-inc.com
Lucid Technology, Inc., www.lucidtec.com
Lumark Technologies, Inc. www.lumark.com
LUX Consulting Group, Inc. www.luxcg.com
MAK I.T., Inc. www.makitinc.com
Managed Business Solutions, LLC www.mbshome.com
MANILA Consulting Group, Inc. www.manilaconsulting.net 
Master Key Consulting www.masterkeyconsulting.com
MetroStar Systems www.metrostarsystems.com
Milli Micro Systems, Inc. www.mmsgov.com
Moebius Solutions, Inc. www.moesol.com
Mount Airey Group, Inc. www.mountaireygroup.com
MVS, Inc. www.mvsconsulting.com
NARTech, Inc. www.nartechinc.com
Nash Locke LLC www.nashlocke.com
National Capitol Contracting, LLC www.nccsite.com
Neotech Solutions, Inc. www.neotechusa.com 
Net World Technology Corp www.networldtechnology.com
NetStar Systems International, Inc. www.netstarintl.com
Network Security Systems Plus, Inc. www.nssplus.com
Network Specialty Group, Inc. www.nsgi-hq.com
Networking Technologies and Support, Inc. www.networkingtech.com
New Light Technologies, Inc. www.NewLightTechnologies.com
NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc. www.newwave-technologies.com
NikSoft Systems Corporation www.niksoft.com 
Northcross Group www.northcrossgroup.com
NuAxis, LLC www.nuaxis.com
NucoreSolutionz, LLC www.nucoresolutionz.com
OakTree Enterprise Solutions, Inc. www.oaktreesolutions.com
Occam Solutions, Inc. www.occamsolutions.com
Offspring Solutions www.offspringsolutions.com
Optimal Technologies International, LLC www.oti-c4s.com
Orizon, Inc. www.orizon-inc.com
P3S Corporation www.p3scorp.com
Panum Group, LLC www.panum.com
Pearl Net LLC www.pearlnet.com
Peart-Hannon Consulting Group, LLC dba i4DM www.i4dm.com
Peniel Solutions, LLC www.penielsolutions.com
Pitech Solutions www.pitechsol.com
Powersolv, Inc. www.powersolv.com
Prime Source Technologies, LLC www.primesource.com
Prince of Wales Tribal Enterprise Contsortium LLC (POWTEC) www.powtec.com
Prism Communications, Inc. www.prismcomm.com
Professional Technologies Group, Inc. www.protecinc.net
Progressive Consulting Technologies, Inc. www.progressivex.com
Pyramid Alliance, LLC www.pyramidalliancellc.com
Quijote Corporation dba Sensis www.sensisagency.com
Radus Software LLC www.radussofware.com
Reality Technology, Inc. www.reality-technology.com
Referentia Systems Incorporated www.referentia.com
Reliable Government Solutions, Inc. (RGS) www.rgsfederal.com
ReliaSource, Inc. www.reliasource.net
Rivera Consulting Group www.riverainc.com
Rivermatrix Technologies, Inc. www.rivermatrix.com
Romanyk Consulting Corp. www.romanykconsulting.com
RTL Networks, Inc. www.RTL-Networks.com
RYAN Consulting Group www.consultrcg.com
Sage Computing, Inc. www.sagecomputing.com/gsastars.html
Sawdey Solutions Services, Inc. www.sawdeysolutionservices.com/contracts/8a-stars-ii
SBG Technology Solutions, Inc. www.sbgts.com
SEB Technologies, Inc. www.sebtechnologies.com
Secure Network Systems, LLC www.SecureNetworkSystems.com
Select Computing Inc. www.selectcomputing.com
SERDI www.serdi-llc.com/stars2 
Serebrum Corporation www.serebrumfedtech.com
SimonComputing, Inc. www.simoncomputing.com
SmartNet, Inc. www.smartnetgov.com
SNAP, Inc. www.snapinc.net
Soft Tech Consulting, Inc. www.softtechconsulting.com
Soft-Con Enterprises, Inc. www.softcon1.com
SoftConcept, Inc. www.SoftConcept-Inc.com
SofTec Solutions, Inc. www.softecinc.com
Software & Scanning Services www.s-s-s.com
Software Consultants, Inc. www.scigrp.com
Software Information Resource Corp www.sirc.net
Solutions By Design II, LLC www.sbd.com/STARSII 
Solutions Through Innovative Technologies, Inc. www.sti-tec.com
Spry Methods, Inc. www.sprymethods.com
SRISYS, Inc. www.srisys.com
Staff Tech, Inc. www.staff-tech.net
Standard Technology, Incorporated www.standardtechnology.us
Strategic Operational Solutions, Inc. www.stopso.com
Summit Technologies, Inc. www.summtech.com
Superior Solutions Incorporated www.ssihsv.com
SVD Stars II, LLC www.svdstars2.com
Synergetics Incorporated www.synergetics.com
Systems Consulting Group, LLC www.systemsconsulting.net
T and T Consulting Service, Inc. www.tatcs.com
Tantus Technologies www.tantustech.com
Tantus/OnPoint Accelerated Transformation Solutions, LLC www.tantusonpoint.com
Tcoombs & Associates, LLC www.tcassociates.com
Team Technology, Inc. www.teamtechnologyinc.com
TechFirst, Inc. www.tfihq.net
TechGlobal, Inc. www.techglobalinc.com
TechGuard Security, LLC www.techguard.com
Technology Blue, Inc. www.technologyblue.com
Technology Solutions Provider, Inc. dba TSPi www.tspi.net
TechTrend, Inc. www.techtrend.us
TecPort Solutions, Inc. www.tecportsolutions.com
TelData Communications, Inc. www.teldata.net
Telecom System Solutions, Inc. www.tssi.info
Telecommunication Solutions Group, Inc. www.telcomsg.com
TELESIS Corporation www.telesishq.com
The Canton Group www.cantongroup.com 
The Coleman Group, Inc. www.colemangrpinc.com
The Informatics Applications Group, Inc. www.tiag.net 
The Nasir Group, LLC www.thenasirgroup.com
The Net.America Corporation www.discovernetamerica.com
The STARS II Partnership Joint Venture dba SightComm www.starsiijv.com
TMI Solutions, Inc. www.tmi-solutions.com
Topologe, LLC www.topologe.com
Total Networks, Inc. www.totalnetworksinc.com
Towerstrides, Inc. www.towerstrides.com
Tracen Technologies, Inc. www.tracen.com
Tri-force Consulting Services, Inc. www.triforce-inc.com 
Trofholz Technologies, Inc. www.tti-tech.com
Trusted Mission Solutions, Inc. www.trustedmission.com
Trusted Technologies, LLC www.trustedunlimited.com
TTC, Inc. www.ttcin.com
Twin Imaging Technology, Inc. www.TwinImaging.com
Unispec Enterprises www.unispec1.com
Unified Business Technologies, Inc. (UBT) www.ubtus.com
Unissant, Inc. www.unissant.com
Up And Running, Inc. www.uar-inc.com
UpTime Solutions Professional Services Group, Inc. www.uptimesolutions.com
USMax Corporation www.usmax.com
Valida Tek, Inc. www.validatek.com
Vector Planning & Services, Inc. www.myvpsi.com
Veris Group, LLC www.verisgroup.com
VeriSolv Technolgies, Inc. www.verisolvtech.com
Veteran Corps JV www.veterancorpsjv.com
VMD Systems Integrators, Inc. www.vmdsystems.com
V-Tech Solutions, Inc. www.v-techsolutions.net
Wagner Resources, Inc. www.wagner-resources.com 
Wakelight Technologies, Inc. www.wakelight.com
WebFirst, Inc. www.webfirst.com
Wete and Company, Inc. www.weteinc.com
Woodbury Technologies, Inc. www.woodburytech.com
Zentech www.zentechjv.com
Zibiz Corporation www.zibiz.com